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From design and execution to maintenance plans for any size of system, Cool & Energy Consult supports you in every phase of your project. You can draw on our services, both individually and in combination, over the full spectrum.

High-level design

Assistance in the preparation of block diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, P&IDs, combination options and much more – all tailored to your needs and/or those of your customer. Based on this, you can carry out your own engineering.


After preparing the drawings, we can select the necessary components for you based on detailed engineering analysis, depending on your needs and knowledge. This can be useful in the pre-bid and bid stages, as well as after contract award or order placement and execution. Along with our refrigeration expertise, we are familiar with operating processes and specific products. That makes your project stronger. We are experts in preparing execution drawings, whether simple or very precise (2D and 2D), to help you get your project off to a good start. Good preparation is essential for proper, pleasant and above all profitable execution. We can also assist you with selection of the control unit (standard commercial unit or PLC).


If you want to launch your own idea or your own product, we assist you as necessary. What is already on the market, what the options are, what the regulations, directives and guidelines allow, what subsidies and incentives are available, and so on – we answer the questions together with you.

If you want to combine different technologies, Cool & Energy Consult is glad to help you.

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